Richards Layton & Finger

Proceedings of the 2014 Delaware Business Law Forum: Director-Centric Governance in the Golden Age of Shareholder Activism

Summer 2015

In October 2014, leading corporate governance practitioners from around the United States convened at the biennial Delaware Business Law Forum, along with current and former jurists of the Delaware Supreme Court and Court of Chancery, to discuss and debate developing topics in corporate governance. Participants also included representatives of “activist” investors, institutional investors, public company directors and those who advise them, academics, and others. The participants considered and debated the extent to which corporate governance remains “board-centric,” the extent to which the rise of shareholder activism is changing that paradigm, and what implications such changes may have for the future. This Article reports on the key questions discussed at the Forum and attempts to summarize the discussion and consensus (if any) reached with respect to these questions.