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Delaware's Chancery Court: An Internationally Respected Part of The Delaware Brand

January/February 2020

One of the attributes that distinguishes Delaware internationally is its court of business law. Why?

The Delaware brand is sought after across the world for several reasons and its Chancery Court is certainly one of them. Our Chancery Court is very well regarded around the world, and in fact the cases determined in Delaware’s Chancery Court are relied on throughout the world. Our judges are appointed, not elected, and that’s particularly important because it allows our state to have a level of experience on our bench that surpasses so many others. We have judges who practiced in these areas, they are experts in their field, they know the Delaware corporate law in and out. As a result, there is a very strong desire and an opportunity to apply corporate law in a way that is consistent, which is one of the key reasons people look to Delaware as an internationally recognized legal brand - you know what you are going to get.

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