Richards Layton & Finger

Takeaways from "Delaware Developments"

March 15, 2019

John Mark Zeberkiewicz discusses takeaways from "Delaware Developments" at the 31st Annual Tulane Corporate Law Institute. Vice Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick and practitioners expert in Delaware corporate law analyzed decisions of significance from the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Supreme Court in the past year, including developments in post-closing fiduciary litigation (Corwin & MFW cutbacks, carve-outs and exceptions) and appraisal litigation (DFC, Dell & Aruba redux). The panel, which included Richards Layton attorney, Rudy Koch, examined director independence issues in the context of transaction planning and litigation (Do we have clear lines?/Do we want them?), and recent derivative action opinions (Caremark and more). The panel also reviewed recent issues regarding dual class companies and related recapitalization proposals and Section 203 litigation.